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The Total Rumour round up of iPhone 8 (2017 iPhone)

iPhone 8 , iPhone 7s?  via - iDrop News

Hey Guys it been more then 10 months i guess since i have wrote on Apple Central. But yes again i am reviving  the blog :).

Its that time of year where you would et many leaks of the latest upcoming iPhone. I thought lets take this topic only and we would analyse  some of the leaks .. wether they are true or not.. (to an extent.

  1. Screen
Yes the First change that you would notice is the screen size.It would be end to end display. (bezel Display)

iPhone 8/iPhone X Screen panels
2.  FACE ID ,Face Detection.
Its been speculated that Apple might be ditching the physical Home button for a virtual Home Button.
Several instances of Face ID have been detected in the Latest Developer's Xcode version
Face ID to unlock the phone

Apple is gearing towards more storage options with the new release of the iPhone which can be 512GB variant of the phone.

iOS 11 The biggest Update to iPhone having 10 beta versions

4. iOS 11
iOS 11 is currently in BETA version and various new features are still to remain to be added to the OS like peer to peer payments (Apple Pay).

5.Wireless Charging
Various leaks have been seen and its said that the new phone would support the wireless charging finally! lets see if apple does something special in this area or not.

6. The Cost!
Yes this is the main concern for most of the apple enthusiasts. But the word is that the cost would be more then 1000 USD Dollars for the premium edition of the phone.

Just a few days left to see what apple has to give us this year. Would you mind buying an iPhone 7s version if it launches? or you would shell out more money to get hands on Anniversary edition of the iPhone?

Let us know in the comments :)

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