Thursday, 3 November 2016


Apple Central Bids Farewell -The Story Behind

Hey Guys! This might be one of the longest post on this site.So this time this is not kind of any tutorial or anything. As you can read the title which says it all.
 " Apple Central bids farewell"


I know there shouldn't be reason to quit something which you really love to do but I think i should state some facts before think something else..

Site has been around 1 or more year and yet due to many reasons i have not give enough time to Apple Central. and thus yes this is true. I am not able to update the site daily or able to give proper SEO optimised posts.

we are running in 90% loss from last two months. YES! I said it openly. 

If we see this trend i wont be able to pay for my domain and other services i use for this site in order to get traffic.

I started this site not for all apple updates.. I opened this site for some interesting things that you rarely find in  other sites.

Some Stats

During our peak time our Global Alexa rank was under 3lakh which was awesome as i used to give less time to Apple Central.

In this small time 20k+ unique visitors visited our site.

Our user Base were from:-
United States



United Kingdom







Total we published 52 articles which led to 20K+ visits.
I didnt used any SEO technique on this Site and just only shared 1 time on my Facebook profile and few groups


We have been publishing our articles on many bookmarking sites and were active part of Indian Blogger Community.

From Now on All the sub parts of Apple Central ie the Facebook Page,the web portal and Youtube Channel would not be updated. Also All the entities under the name of  Snap Entertainment would not be updated.

The whole Apple Central entities would be up on sale soon maybe on Flippa.

I really had a lot of fun attending blogger meets, helping other people having iDevices.

So for the last time Good Bye..

Believe in yourself cuz when you believe in yourself you can do wonders which you might not even think of.Take risks, maybe you would fail but down the lane you would look back and then you would realise why it was all perfect.

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