Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Apple September 2016 Event: Expect new iPhones,Apple Watch 2 and New Macbook

iPhone 7 launch
Its the time of the year when all around the world the people witness the new gadgets apple showcase for the upcoming year.

And its the September 7. the day maybe  iPhone 7 would be launched coinciding with the date  7 September 2016.

What other things to Expect?

  • Apple Watch 2
  • new Macbook Pro
  • GM Version of iOS 10 and watch OS3

iPhone 6SE or iPhone 7 Plus or Both?

On the packaging boxes "Phone 6SE" is seen but also iphone 7 plus leak images are floating around with dual camera lenses.

Apple watch 2

The new watch would not get any new design and all but the main focus would on  SPEED OPTIMIZATION. Also native apps would be there for the new watchOS. New straps would also be announced along with the watch OS 3 out of the box.

Macbook Pro?

The new Macbook might be able to communicate with the touch ID or watch OS and many other features which would take advantage of Sierra OS  features.

iOS 10 GM version

iOS 10 final developer version would also be released for the developers,with all the bugs detected fixed and faster UI.

What you are more excited about?

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