Thursday, 14 July 2016

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How to download Pokemon Go on your iPhone

And yes the time has arrived when the pokemon era is back.We always have been the fan of Ash and Pikachu's journey to become the pokemon master. And now is the time to be a Trainer! yes! a real pokemon trainer with the help of  your Smartphone.And in this post i would help you to install Pokemon Go on your iPhone.

Pokemon Go is available on iPhone and Android and lacks support for blackberry and Windows Mobile(mainly due to the less percentage of users and its market share)

In this post i would be discussing two methods through which you can get pokemon go on your iPhone.

Method 1:- Get Pokemon Go on your iPhone legally 

You can get pokemon Go By making a new Apple ID in US region. and then use App store in your iPhone to install Pokemon Go.

How to Make US Apple ID

  1. Open iTunes in your System.
  2. Logout your current Apple ID.
  3. Now go to App Store within the iTunes
  4. Download any Free  App or Game.iTunes would then prompt you to enter an Apple ID.
  5. From there dont put your ID instead create a new one.
  6. Put region as United States.
  7. In Payment Option you would see None  already selected.So just fill billing details
  8. Verify Your ID.i
  9. Logout your Apple ID in iPhone. and login your US Apple ID
  10. Search Pokemon Go  and install.

Method 2:- Direct installing (external downloading)

There is another way you can get this game if you dont want to do the above steps.

  1. Go to this Link and install Pokemon Go
  2. Note taht you should give permission to install the Applications. (General->Accessibility->User Profiles)
  3. And hence Done!

I hope You guys get this Game! which is your starting pokemon? or which one would you choose? Squirtle.. bulbasaur or charmander? I chose Charmander! :D

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