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iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s Worth the Upgrade? -My Experience

iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s -Good Deal?

Hey Guys Its my review time on iPhone 6s.I recently switched from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s.Before iPhone 6 I had iPhone 4s.So i think i would be able to clear few things among these models as i have used them as my primary phone and as i am a heavy user so I tried my best to utilize the capabilities of A8 and A9 chips respectively.

iPhone 6

Well I was using iPhone 6 (16GB) variant Gold. It was pretty much obvious that the Apple's A8 chip did all the processing work very efficiently and effectively.And using iPhone from past few years,speed hasn't been any problem or any area where we should think that  oh wait its lagging!  given that you using iPhone 5s and above. and with further updates iPhone 5s has also started showing lag due to the OS requirements which are increasing by every further release.

When i switched from iPhone 6 to 6s, my back covers didn't fit.I was in a misconception that maybe my present backcovers would fit in with the new iPhone but it didn't.One cover broke down also while trying to fit.

Although i had only 16GB variant but i tried to use most of the essential apps and Games.Games included BATMAN Arkham,Subway Surfer and Asphalt 8.
While playing subway surfer there is a much big lag or we can say game freeze  is seen.I thought that this is a one time startup problem. But its NOT.

iPhone 6s 
So now i have switched to 64 GB Variant of this new powerful phone. So now let me take every aspect of this phone which apple says is better then iPhone 6  or where there is a difference

Battery Backup

Although Apple iPhone 6s has less power battery but still now also on my daily usage i have to charge only once a day like i did my iPhone 6. So i think apple has made the new iOS software more efficient. (I use night shift mode- which is included)

Touch ID

Ok! this is one of the thing that got me happy.iPhone 6 touch ID i found that sometimes it just misreads my fingerprints and doesn't gets unlocked.So i had to remember my password :P. But since the time i have switched to iPhone 6s ,and now i rarely remember the last time i had to put my PIN in order to unlock the phone.
So indeed Touch ID is one point for iPhone 6s


Seriously? I find very less difference in normal usage of new iPhone.Both are equally comparable  BUT with A9 chip the Apps switch faster and they respond quicker. 

I found that Subway surfer had less lag in iPhone 6s then that in iPhone 6

3D Touch

Okey so we have arrived at the point where we would be talking on the feature that distinguishes iPhone 6 from 6s from hardware point of view.See first few minutes i had to get handy with the force touch.with the force touch now, there I personally felt a little difficulty if I had to delete any app as in earlier version of iPhones holding the icons for long time meant for uninstalling the apps. But now if we put more pressure the 3D menus pop up.
If we see Apple's native apps , Apple has done its homework well and has provided the needed menu options.But if we see 3rd party apps like Whatsapp and other apps 3D force touch on their icon gives starred Msgs,New msg option. 

What i had liked that we could message to the recent People whom i had talked on it .Same like what Facebook's Messenger App Does

Well i have to say that Apple really has to work upon this feature with 3rd party developers in order to fully utilize this feature.

Live Wallpaper Lockscreen and Live Photos

So another killer feature of iPhone I really loved the Live wallpaper concept which i really missed on iOS as i see any other android device. and Live Photos..  I have been fiddling with the camera of iPhone 6s and its pretty good. really! Live Photos surely take a lot of memory. So say no to iPhone 6s 16 GB variant.
Camera's default mode is now LIVE photos and its pretty good but what if we have to send those LIVE photos to other phone? if we send live photos to iPhone 6, their format is preserved and yes you can view same exact live photo perfectly in iPhone 6,which is pretty good i think.

So seeing these major features apart from hardware enhancements,I would like to say that Yes iPhone 6s is anytime better then iPhone 6 (even in ANTUTU benchmarks getting 1.3 lakh as the score) but if  you really want to try 3D touch then only you purchase as i dont think that LIVE photos or speed should be the main cause for cashing out extra 600 to 700 dollars for a new iPhone.

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