Monday, 6 June 2016

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iOS 10 Concept Featuring Split Screen, Dark Mode for all iDevices

Another day and another concept for the upcoming iOS 10 that is going to be showcased in June.
We know that Split screen is already on Larger iPads and Dark Mode is available on Macbook (I seriously love using it! ). But What about iPhone?

The upcoming news is that the iOS 10 will give power of split screen and Dark mode to the current iPhones

Earlier this week Apple updated its WWDC app with a new dark theme on iOS in addition to a companion app for Apple TV users. The concept above used that as inspiration, creating a design that utilizes some of Apple’s own darker color choices from the updated WWDC app.

And There are some concept images by iHelpBR.

What is Split Screen?

This feature would allow you to run two apps side by side like we can do in our Macbook.It would be too much awesome for our work to be organised.Imagine watching Game of Thrones Episode while chatting with your friend on whatsapp! Wouldn't that be COOL? as Android N has already introduced this feature lets see what Apple has kept for its fans.

Some Screenshots by iHelpBR

The first First below shows the 3D touch menu in dark theme,

This second image is of Mailbox.

The below third image showcases Messages App with the Dark mode.

And this is how we can expect multitasking in Dark Mode.

Personally i am looking forward to the Split screen feature if it DOES  come to iOS 10 because i really like this concept .
What do you think? Will iOS 10 be giving these features or just it is just another concept floating around the whole internet?

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