Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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How To Install iOS 10 without Apple Developer's Account

iOS 10 Update for All

Hey Guys, As you might know that in WWDC apple announced new iOS 10. As iOS 10 was announced for Developers that day only and normal users of iDevices would get afterwards later in September along with the launch of iPhone 7.

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iOS 10 gets many new features and its a step closer for a more open environment of OS given to developers as well as the users.

Why to install iOS 10 Beta 1 Preview Update

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Install iOS 10 Beta without developer's Account

  1.  Go to this Webpage.
  2. Install the Profile in your iDevice.
  3. Check For update.
  4. Download the iOS 10 beta 1 Preview.
If you perform all steps correctly then you would get iOS 10 Beta 1 version without developer's account and you can also use the newest features that the Apple has to provide the consumers this fall.

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