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3 Rock Solid Reasons Why NOT to Buy iPhone 6s 16 GB variant

16GB variant  still enough?

The last post I wrote  about was for describing the features which give iPhone 6s a winning edge.But as we know that Apple unveiled iPhone 6s in three variants and what was absurd was that there was still a 16 GB variant!

SERIOUSLY?!! 16GB?? we are living in 2016 not 2012 or 202013

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Why 16GB variant is NOT a GOOD CHOICE? 

Storage Full Problems would arise more Often

LIVE Photos

LIVE photos is one of the best and newest feature of the new flagship but as the name suggests these new type of image take more of the storage. Thus you get less space for other Apps and all.

Internal Memory

As we know if we are buying a 16GB variant we are getting 11GB of memory space as user space.Thus giving less space for our usage.
If we see on a simple iPhone a normal user would install Whatsapp,Facebook,Messenger and such apps like these.If we  see all these apps are more then 50 MB and Facebook alone takes ~ 100MB

Thus also If you have a love for Music! oh God! then you might need to compromise with Images each music file size would be ~4-5 MB 


Okay So now lets think hypothetically that we have bought a brand new iPhone 6s for around 40k INR and we have 11 GB given to us. For gamers like us how many games we can install in it? Big games like GTA:San Andreas,Asphalt 8  take upto 1GB each.. and apart from games you have other apps too.So if you are a gamer and still you are not playing awesome mobile games on your super fast iDevice then i think its waste of money?! means from that money you can buy an android only! Right?

Thus If we see above 3 points its evident that it would be a very bad choice if you go for a 16GB variant of iPhone 6s.

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