Sunday, 15 May 2016

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Get Round Folders and Icons in iPhone,iPad without Jailbreaking

Add Rounded Icons in iPhone

Well Its known that jailbreaking is not going to come soon until June 2016.But there have been exploits through which you can tweak few small things in your iPhone,thanks to the few bugs detected in Homescreen wallpaper section.

In this tutorial  I would guide you to get round folders like you see above in your iPhone too and that too without jailbreaking! isnt that cool? :)

Why is it Cool?

Its because already apple applies so many restrictions over the System that without jailbreaking we cant do anything to the interface of the iOS.

You'll now find that a few or the greater part of your organizers will show clever round symbols rather than the somewhat adjusted squares you're usual to. In the event that a few symbols stay square, you can frequently control them by reworking your home screen. 

Apple's iOS stage doesn't bolster a lot of customization choices as far as the presence of the client interface. Macintosh adores just effortlessness and consistency, so it doesn't bolster any sort of topics on the iPhone or iPad. Android, in the mean time, gives the client a chance to control the UI in any number of ways. You can even introduce an outsider launcher and change everything about your telephone's interface.

STEPS To get Rounded Folders:-

  • Go here and download any image which you like and save it in the gallery.

  • Now go to Photos App and from there Set as home Screen wallpaper with Static setting.

  • Tada! you are done :D

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