Thursday, 12 May 2016

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10 Amazing Siri Replies which Proves She is also Genius

Siri The Virtual Assistant

We know that iOS is now powered by Virtual Assistant called Siri.Although its been developed for our day to day life.But below are some of the best conversations with Siri along with her witty Answers
1.The Best Phone?

The Best Phone? its iPhone!
 2.The Drunk test with Siri
Drunk test with Siri
 3.Siri owns you when you ask a joke
Siri Owns You!
 4.Who is pretty? huh
How do i look today?
 5.Religion of Siri!
Siri's religion
 6.Proposing to Siri
Marriage Proposal to Virtual Assistant
 7.Well .. Siri is soo sweet :P
ahmm.. well...
 8.I think siri also watches how to get away with murder :P
How to Get away with the murder
 9.The Philosopher Siri
meaning of life according to Siri
 10.The witty Siri?
The Best One
which reply you liked the most? Do comment below and tell us! missing any of your fav. reply? share with us!
But we also know that if you try these with your iPhone its battery might run out! :( why not check out best battery tips

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