Thursday, 14 April 2016

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[Game Review/Tricks] Clash Of Clans Best Tips and Tricks for iOS

Clash of Clans The Web Game
Hey Guys! This is the first Article in the Games Section.And we are here reviewing Clash of Clans ,it is one of the most downloaded games at App Store,and i myself have played this game and found it very addicting.So here today I am going to share some tricks and tips in this Game which i have seen implementing or just found over on internet.


To get free gems in clash of clans you have either have to level up or removes trees in your clan area. thats it!

How to Save Elixir when offline in Clash of clans?

Make your camps are full and then fill your barracks up with bombers then you can get offline with like only 100,000 elixer instead of 200,000 elixer. Get back on, then unload your barracks first thing and then you will get all of your elixer back.
How to Get Free Elixir in Clash of Clans? - byheroodeface
For this cheat, you'll need barracks (any level), army camp (any level) and laboratory (any level).
First, choose a troop to upgrade in the laboratory.Let's say Wall Breakers for instance.
As the timer gets close to running out on the upgrade, fill up your army camps with any type of troops.Then, fill up all your barracks with whatever troop is about to be finished upgrading (in this case: wall breakers).
They will sit in the barracks and not be able to go to the army camp, due to camp's filled to capacity.
Once the upgrade is completed in the laboratory, sell back the troops (wall breakers) that were sitting in the barracks.You'll get the upgraded elixir-cost, instead of the cost you originally paid for the wall breakers

Get Barbarians for Free!
First upgrade barracks to level 8, then buy as much healers as you can then when they are all done and theres no space for your healers just fill up your barracks and a tack with allhealser and one barbarian. Hopefully win and you'll get maxed

Thats all i just collected few tricks that might help you.Feel Free to share your opinions :) 

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