Tuesday, 12 April 2016

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Fix iTunes Updates Problems on Windows System

iTunes:The Software for iDevices

Okey I would say the truth,its very difficult to keep your all iOS Devices and Apps such as Facebook and Snapchat updated and above that we have to keep our iTunes also updated in order to perform any task on our device.

I was facing updating problems for my iOS 9.2 from iTunes and tried to figure out that what the hell is happening to my PC.is tehre is something wrong in my system or is it the iTunes itlself.

The Problem is with the Apple Software Update program which gets installed along with iTunes

How to Open it?
Start > All apps > Apple Software Update.
Apple Update software screen
unselect everything other then  the update for Apple Software Update itself, and then press Install to start the installation process.
If it installs successfully, the program will search for updates again and iTunes should install without a problem. 

Once done your problem would be solved!
Do let me know if the problem persists.. I would reply to your comments helping you out

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